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Below are scanned copies of three books that our Association published about the first Ukrainian settlers in Alberta. These books were among the first of their kind at the time: they are similar to many “local history books” that were published across the West in the mid-twentieth century, but instead of being about one town or a rural area, the entries cover the Ukrainian communities across the entire province of Alberta. These works provided much of the raw material for later works of local and academic histories about Ukrainian life in Alberta.

The Ukrainian Pioneers in Alberta, Canada (1970)

Cover of our first book from 1970.

Our first publication, it includes a brief summary of how Ukrainian settlement started in Alberta, the a discussion of the portrayal of Ukrainians in English-language newspapers in Alberta, the history of the pioneers’ monument in Elk Island National Park, and the family histories of a few of our founding members.

The Table of Contents of our first book, published in 1970.

Ukrainians in Alberta, vol. 1 (1975)

This work includes numerous thematic articles on Ukrainian topics, including histories of politics, education, and religion. It also includes short organizational histories of societies and groups like the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League, Plast (Ukrainian scouts), and SUMK (Ukrainian Orthodox Youth of Canada), as well as more family histories.

Ukrainians in Alberta, vol. 2 (1981)

The green-covered second volume of Ukrainians in Alberta published in 1981.

This volume in includes short local histories focused on the Ukrainian communities in Edmonton, Radway, Smoky Lake, Vilna, Myrnam, and others, and includes new information on Ukrainian families from Manitoba who resettled in Southern Alberta. It also includes a profile of the then-new Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum in Edmonton, and reminiscences on topics like the boarding houses in Vegreville, the 1919 influenza epidemic, farm labour, and biographies of three Ukrainian political figures.

Dictionary of Ukrainian Canadian Biography of Pioneer Settlers of Alberta 1891-1900 (1984)

Contains short family histories about dozens of the earliest Ukrainian families in Alberta.

Ukrainian Pioneer magazine / Український Піонір

Cover of a periodical published by the Ukrainian Pioneers Association of Alberta

We are currently working on digitizing these publications. Once digital copies are created, we will make them publicly accessible on this page. Check back soon.

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