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The Ukrainian Pioneers’ Association of Alberta is proud to be able to support a small number of community projects every year that relate to our mission of preserving and publicizing the legacy of the earliest Ukrainian settlers in Alberta.

A call for proposals

We typically fund less than six projects per year, each up to $5000.  If you have a project that you think would be suitable, we would be happy to receive your proposal.  We accept proposals in English or Ukrainian.

What counts as a project?

To us, a project is any work or event that educates people about the history and culture of Ukrianians in Alberta.  It could be a play, a piece of music, a work of poetry, a film, a festival, a book, a museum exhibit, an interactive website, a blog, a podcast, a traveling show, or a presentation.  It could also include purchases such books by a library, artworks by a gallery, fonds by an archive, or artifacts by a museum.  Or it could be something else we’ve never considered before.  Before submitting a proposal, please consult our list of recently-funded projects for an idea of what we have looked for in the past.

Project criteria

Please explicitly tell us how your proposal meets the following criteria:

  1. The project is related to the Pioneers’ mandate.
  2. The project is not for profit. 
  3. The people leading the project are competent to use the money wisely and account for how it is spent. 
  4. Justified budget.

If any of these criteria are not clear, please contact us with your questions.  We look forward to hearing your creative ideas!

We would like to acknowledge the Alberta Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis (AGLC) for their financial support.

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