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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting

November 7th, 2002 via Zoom

We will be holding our 81st Annual General Meeting online via Zoom on November 7th at 7:30 pm. There is no cost to attend. We will be electing a new board and executive, getting ready for our upcoming casino in Edmonton on December 9th and 10th, and continuing our ongoing discussions about how to renew out organization. For the the link to the meeting, please email ukrainianpioneers {at}


The Pioneers Association represents the history of the early waves Ukrainian immigrants to Alberta. These people left the Old World partly because they had no country of their own: depending on when and where they left from, they were peasant subjects of the Austrian or Russian Empires, persecuted minorities under Polish or Romanian regimes, or victims of totalitarian Nazi-German, and Soviet regimes.

Today, Ukraine is again in danger of being put under foreign domination. We stand with our relatives in present-day Ukraine. We call on all Albertans to rally with us against the criminal regime of Vladimir Putin.

When attending marches and demonstration it is common to hear the national anthem of Ukraine, “Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished”. This powerful song of defiance and pride unites Ukrainians and their allies across the world. However, many of us brought up in Canada do not know it, and do not read Ukrainian well enough to follow along.

Therefore the Pioneers are making available, free of charge, this simplified version of the anthem in the English alphabet. Please print and distribute it and sing it with pride at all demonstrations against this terrible invasion and in support of Ukraine.

Please note that, due to COIVD-realted delays to our casino dates, and the ongoing humanitarian efforts for Ukraine, our Association has paused all applications for funding of arts and history projects. We will reevaluate our finances in late 2022 before accepting any new applications.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!

Товариство Українських Піонерів Альберти

Project “Prosvita”

This project helps build Ukrainian libraries around the world.


Informational resources about the history of Ukrainians in Alberta.

History of the UPAA

More about the history of the Ukrainian Pioneers Association from 1941 until today.

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The Ukrainian Pioneers Association of Alberta operates on lands inhabited since time immemorial by the ancestors of the First Nations and Métis in Alberta. We recognize that the Ukrainian settlers arrived in Alberta on lands that were already the homeland of other nations, and that our ancestors were pioneers only in being the first Ukrainians here, not the first people. We acknowledge that, though our ancestors were not present at the time of their signing, our place in this province is only possible because of Treaties, and that we Ukrainian-Albertans are therefore a treaty people, with a share in the duty to uphold the Treaty relationship. We seek to rediscover the historical relationships between the Ukrainian and Indigenous communities, and to face the Truth of this history, and to Reconcile with our Indigenous neighbours.